Pet Rescue Saga Level 841

Pet Rescue Saga Level 841

Pet Rescue Saga Level 841

Pet Rescue Saga Level 841 doesn’t seem that hard when you first launch it, but trust me, it’s annoying as hell. Mainly because in order to advance to level 842 you require to clear 100 percent of the blocks present in the stage. Scoring points isn’t that hard, and the amount required to advance comes naturally. Take a look at the target.


– Clear 100% of the blocks

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 841 Tips

As soon as you start Pet Rescue Saga Level 841 you’ll notice that annoying center-piece. At first, you might get into thinking that there’s now way around it. Why would you want to go around it when blocks can fall through it? Yup, it’s just visually annoying, and lots of Pet Rescue Saga fans have exited the level when seeing it. Don’t fret, we have the steps just down below so you can achieve sweet victory!

  • For Pet Rescue Saga Level 841 you need to pic the column blaster as your bonus tool. It will make your life a lot easier.
  • Pop large combinations of blocks so you can recharge your bonus tool faster.
  • Pay attention to where the key is, and how you can break it free from its icey prison. You’ll definitely need it to achieve the first target of clearing 100 percent of the blocks.
  • Acquiring points can be done naturally while you play, so I recommend you don’t focus on it.

Pet Rescue Level 841 Walkthrough Video

If you happen to get stuck while you play Pet Rescue Saga Level 841, check our video walkthrough just down below. Pay closely attention how our gamer prioritizes popping blocks. The key is to think more than 3, or 4 steps ahead. You don’t want to get stuck with 3 blocks of different colors. I’ve been there, I nearly punched my keyboard.

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