Pet Rescue Saga Level 846

Pet Rescue Saga Level 846

Pet Rescue Saga Level 846

Pet Rescue Saga Level 846 is one of the easiest levels in the game. If you find yourself stuck in a pickle, take a look at our guide just down below. There aren’t that many pets to be rescued, and scoring points will come naturally. What are you waiting for? Scroll down below, and get to winning!


– Rescue 1 pet

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 846 Tips

As soon as you start Pet Rescue Saga level 846, you’ll notice the two main objectives – Rescue one pet, and get 3000 points. Rescuing that silly pet might be a little bit of trouble, but scoring points should come naturally, so there’s no need to focus on the second objective.

  • Your bonus tool of choice for Pet Rescue Saga Level 846 should be the mesh mash booster.
  • Don’t forget, if you pop large combinations of blocks your bonus tool of choice will recharge faster.
  • Focusing on scoring points isn’t a must.
  • Your main, and single priority should be to get that cute little pet out of there.
  • Level design isn’t that troublesome, but indeed, it’s a little bit wacky.

Pet Rescue Level 846 Walkthrough Video

Pet Rescue  Saga Level 846 isn’t that hard, but if you find yourself stuck, check our video guide just down below. Also, if you encounter problems with other levels, be sure to check our website – we have tons of guides, and we’re updating our library on a weekly basis. Enjoy, and good luck!

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