Pet Rescue Saga Level 847

Pet Rescue Saga Level 847

Pet Rescue Saga Level 847

Pet Rescue Saga level 847 is one of the easiest stages you’ll encounter. It’s all about maintaining focus, and knowing when to use your bonus tool of choice – if you have a happy trigger finger you’ll regret it later on. Be patient, and enjoy the game. Objectives can be accomplished quite fast.


– Get 100% of the blocks

– Get 3000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 847 Tips

Pet Rescue Saga Level 847 is pretty easy if you know what to pop, and when to pop. Scoring 3000 is more than manageable, but clearing 100 percent of the blocks can be a dozy. It all comes down to picking your bonus tool of choice, and waiting for that perfect moment to use it. Follow our steps just down below, and pop your way to level 848.

  • If you plan on finishing Pet Rescue Saga Level 847, your bonus tool of choice should be The Balloons. Why’s that? Well, because there’s a cage that has that annoying mechanism that traps other blocks.
  • You need to act quickly, and decisively, but at the same time be wise, and patient.
  • Pop large combinations of blocks in Pet Rescue Saga Level 847, because this is the best way to recharge your bonus tool of choice, and trust me, you’ll use balloons quite a lot!

Pet Rescue Level 847 Walkthrough Video

If you find yourself in trouble during Pet Rescue level 847, take a look at our video guide.  It goes through every step that is needed to win the game. Pay attention, closely, to the video tutorial, and you shouldn’t get stuck. Although, if you have problems, post in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page were one of our Gurus will jump to help you. Enjoy, and don’t forget there are a ton of other video walkthroughs on our website!

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