Pet Rescue Saga Level 851

Pet Rescue Saga level 851

Pet Rescue Saga level 851

Pet Rescue Saga level 851 may seem terrifying at first, but let me assure you, it’s not that hard as it tries to be seen. But be warned, there are some levels in this 850-860 bracket that are just downright hard. Well, enough with prophecising your untimely demise. Level 851 is a walk in the park if you know that being impulsive is bad, and being patient is all that you need.


– Rescue 9 pets

– Get 3,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 851 Tips

You see, Pet Rescue Saga level 851 doesn’t have a terrible level design, it’s actually a little bit on the nifty side. Scoring 3,000 points will come naturally, and gradually as you play the stage, so there’s absolutely no need to focus on them. In my video walkthrough just down below, you’ll see that I managed to get passed the 30,000 mark. Rescuing pets on the other hand, will be a tad difficult, but that’s where I come in.

  • Your bonus tool of choice for Pet Rescue Saga level 851 should definitely be the hammer. It’s precise, and hella’ efficient. If you pop large combinations of blocks, not only will you receive much more points, but you’ll also recharge your bonus tool.
  • You can let loose pets from cages anytime you want, although I recommend you do so only when you’re almost near to the bottom of the stage. You’ll rely on luck if you pop their cages too early.
  • You’ll have X2 blocks in the stage, so there’s absolutely no need to worry that you’ll get passed the 3,000 point mark.

Pet Rescue Level 851 Walkthrough Video

If somehow you get stuck in Pet Rescue Saga Level 851, I suggest you take a peek at the walkthrough video just down below. If you have problems with other Pet Rescue Saga Level, check the website. I upload new clips on a daily basis!

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