Pet Rescue Saga Level 852

Pet Rescue Saga Level 852

Pet Rescue Saga Level 852

So you cleared Level 851, and you immediately launched the one after – Pet Rescue Saga level 852. I gotta say, you’ve done wonders so far. Have you stopped to think how much time you spent in your journey? And still, you have a lot more to travel. Thanks for being with us! I digress, Pet Rescue Saga level 852 doesn’t have a horrible level design, nor a ton of pets to rescue, scoring points can be done with your eyes closed.


– Rescue 5 pets

– Get 3,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 852 Tips

Pet Rescue Saga Level 852 may seem easy, but it’s far from it. You see, you have a move limit set to 55, and in that move limit you need to a) rescue 5 pets, and b) score 3,000 points. Yikes. It can be intimidating when you realize that moves are slowly, but surely, getting fewer by the second. The most important thing to do is take your time, and see what to pop, and what to leave behind. Of course, rescuing pets should be a priority, because scoring 3,000 points can be down blindfolded.

  • So, in Pet Rescue Saga level 852 you need to pick the column blaster as your bonus tool of choice.
  • Pop large combinations of blocks so your bonus tool can be recharged faster, and also because it’s more efficient – you have limited moves, remember?
  • There’s no twisted level design, and this is as straightforward as it can get.

Pet Rescue Level 852 Walkthrough Video

If you somehow find yourself in a predicament, check our Pet Rescue Saga level 852 video walkthrough. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help. I do too. If you have any questions, just post in the comments section below, and I’ll try to do my best to reply with a solution to your issue. Enjoy, and remember, it’s a game that’s meant for relaxing!

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