Pet Rescue Saga Level 854

Pet Rescue Saga Level 854

Pet Rescue Saga Level 854

If you thought that Pet Rescue Saga Level 854 was going to be easier that 853, you are sadly mistaken. I barely got through this stage. You’ll definitely need some luck by your side. You see, there’s not horrible level design here, your moves will be limited to 40. Yikes. You’ll need to pay close attention to my tutorial if you want to go further to 855!


– Rescue 8 pets

– Get 8,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 854 Tips

You have two main objectives for Pet Rescue Saga Level 854. One is to rescue 8 pets, and the other is to score 8,000 points. Scoring points is super easy, trust-you me. But rescuing those darn cute pets isn’t. Mainly because there’s one that comes into play when you have 5, or 6 moves left. Plan accordingly, and you won’t pull hairs out of your head. Here’s how to avoid anger, and clear Pet Rescue Saga Level 854.

  • If you don’t pick the bucket of paint as your bonus tool for Pet Rescue Saga Level 854, you’ll remain stuck in 854.
  • Pop as many large combinations of blocks as you can, because a) you have a certain amount of moves, and b) your bonus tool will recharge faster. You’ll need it a lot! As you can see in the video guide just down below, it saved me from failing just at the end.
  • Although Pet Rescue Saga Level 854 has 8,000 points that you need to score, don’t worry them. You’ll score them naturally throughout your playthrough.
  • What you need to do is focus on having as many moves possible for the last pet. Which comes a little bit later in the game.

Pet Rescue Level 854 Walkthrough Video

Yup. We have a video walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga level 854. If you by any chance get stuck, or have any problems check the video just down below. More so, if you have any problems with any levels in the Pet Rescue Saga game, check the entirety of my website. I have tons of guides set up. You can even find my official Pet Rescue Guru page on Facebook – drop by, and say hello!

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