Pet Rescue Saga Level 858

Pet Rescue Saga Level 858

Pet Rescue Saga Level 858

Pet Rescue Saga Level 858 is fairly easy, even though it has a set move limit. You have 45 moves to save a few lovable pets and score points. You’ve been through far worse than this little nuisance. Level design isn’t that bad, but it’s worth noting that there’s an indestructible, transparent line in the bottom-middle of the screen. Nothing worth fussing over though.


– Rescue 8 pets

– Get 3,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 858 Tips

As soon as you start the Pet Rescue Saga Level 858 you’ll notice that you have to save 8 pets, and score 3,000 points. All of this must be done within the 45 move limit imposed by the game. Don’t fret. It’s easier than you initially thought. First off, don’t focus on scoring 3,000 points because you’ll achieve that objective playing naturally. Rescuing pets on the other hand is the task to prioritize. Don’t get them stuck on the middle ledge, and you’re golden.

  • For Pet Rescue Saga level 858 pick the hammer as your bonus tool of choice. Trust me, it will most definitely come in handy. The hammer is the best bonus tool for this level.
  • If you pop large combinations of blocks you’ll recharge your hammer faster.
  • The trick is to pop blocks starting with the bottom of the level so you have a better control on where your pets fall. But this seriously depends on your play style. I tend to use it, and I tend to forget about this tactic.
  • Go fast. Pop fast. You see those green dust of speck looking blocks? They multiply. If you take your time, you’ll be overrun.

Pet Rescue Level 858 Walkthrough Video

If you still don’t get it, don’t worry. Check our Pet Rescue Saga Level 858 walkthrough video just down below. It’s aimed at helping everyone – short and to the point!

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