Pet Rescue Saga Level 859

Pet Rescue Saga Level 859

Pet Rescue Saga Level 859

Pet Rescue Saga Level 859 is one of the easiest levels in the 850-860 bracket. It doesn’t have a move limit, nor does it have a terrible level design. It’s all about rescuing cute fuzzy little puppies. What more do you want from it? If it would have been easier you wouldn’t continue to play. If you’re stuck in a jam on this level check my guide down below. It does wonders, some say!


– Rescue 6 pets

– Get 3,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 859 Tips

You see those scared puppies? You need to rescue them. Six to be more exact. While you do so, you need to score 3,000 points. Focus on getting your pets out of their predicament. Scoring points should come second on your priority list. Why? Because you’ll complete the points objective without even batting an eye. How? Check my guide for more!

  • For pet Rescue Saga level 858 you’ll need to pick the line blaster as your bonus tool of choice. I found it to be the best one out of the bunch. Why? Because without it you can’t finish the level. Check my video tutorial if you don’t believe me.
  • Popping large combinations of blocks will recharge your bonus tool faster, so keep an eye open for big clusters of blocks.
  • Be careful with those windmill blocks. They seem to be super-duper helpful at first, but they can screw up your whole long-term plan.

Pet Rescue Level 859 Walkthrough Video

If you still can’t make it through, check my Pet Rescue Saga level 858 video walkthrough down below. You’ll notice how the line blaster tool saved my game. Without it, I couldn’t have passed this level. If you have questions, please direct them to our Facebook page. You can even post in the comment section down below. Godspeed Pet Rescuer!

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