Pet Rescue Saga Level 860

Pet Rescue Saga Level 860

Pet Rescue Saga Level 860

One of the toughest levels, Pet Rescue Saga level 860 has an annoying level design. There aren’t that many pets to rescue, and the score objective is easily attainable. But, and this is a big but, can you get to the end with every pet? Or will you lose them on the way there. Like I said. Level design isn’t just annoying, it’s downright horrific.


– Rescue 3 pets

– Get 3,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 860 Tips

When you launch the Pet Rescue Saga level 860 you’ll feel a sense of dread taking you over. Why? Because the level is quite long and pets can get stuck into those middle spaces. The key to winning is to pay attention where your pets will land and how you can make them get out of that middle space. Scoring points will most likely come naturally so don’t worry your pretty little head over it.

  • Your bonus tool of choice should be the bucket of paint. You won’t use it that often, but when you do, it’s a life-saver.
  • As you probably know by now, popping large combinations of blocks helps your bonus tool recharge faster. I recommend you don’t focus on this. Pay attention to where your pets will end up after popping blocks.
  • Don’t use bombs unless you absolutely need to. They are few, and they can get you out of a nasty spot. Don’t use them impulsively.

Pet Rescue Level 860 Walkthrough Video

If you can’t finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 860, check my video walkthrough just down below. You’ll be stuck some time at this level. I recommend you take a break that will last a day or two and then come back to it with a new set of eyes. It helps, a lot. That’s what I do. Enjoy and take care!

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