Pet Rescue Saga Level 862

Pet Rescue Saga Level 862

Pet Rescue Saga Level 862

Pet Rescue Saga Level 862 is a handful. You won’t have that many blocks to pop. Don’t jump up in excitement just yet. This doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. You’ll have that pesky and annoying 100 percent completion objective to achieve. Scoring points won’t be an issue, however. I got stuck for a while in Pet Rescue Saga Level 862 and I barely managed to pop it.


– Clear 100 percent of the blocks

– Get 3,000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 862 Tips

Pet Rescue Saga level 862 is infuriating. There aren’t that many blocks to pop, and you have to clear them all. I went through a ton of strategies until I found the right one. Patience. Lots of it. Also, praying to God helped, I guess. Scoring points is easy, and I went over the 20,000 mark. Pet Rescue Saga Level 862 is super-tricky. Let’s see if you can get passed it.

  • In order to move forward, you need to achieve victory. Choose the column blaster as your bonus tool of choice. The line blaster can help, but it seriously depends on what kind of tactic you employ.
  • Don’t try to pop large combinations of blocks because this might backfire straight in your face. Instead, choose smaller combinations that will unlock larger ones.
  • You don’t have a move limit, so don’t worry about clicking too much. Just pay attention on how you can get the key super early.
  • Try to keep your bonus tool for the last part of the stage. It won’t recharge that fast because there aren’t that many blocks in the game.

Pet Rescue Level 862 Walkthrough Video

I recommend you take a look at my Pet Rescue Saga Level 862 Walkthrough Video. I got lucky, really lucky at the end of the level. If you have any questions, please direct them to my Facebook page or down below. I’ll reply ASAP!

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