Pet Rescue Saga Level 89

pet rescue saga level 89
Pet Rescue Saga Level 89

Save 4 pets in 22 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 89 Strategy

In pet rescue level 89 just destroy the boxes with the line blaster boosters from the beginning. To do it “drive” the line blaster at the first column to the first line of metal boxes. Destroy them. After that you have to “drive” the line blaster there is in the middle of the screen in the 3rd line and another one in the 4th line (above the bottom). Now you can use the balloon there is in the last line. With this strategy you destroy all the metal boxes quite easily. After that the level becomes quite easy.

Notice: If you’ve passed #89 it would be great if you could provide your tips/tactic in order to help other Rescuers beat it. This is why was created for!

Pet Rescue Level 89 Walkthrough Video

Isn’t our strategy enough to help you beat Level 89? We would suggest that you spend a few minutes and carefully watch the walkhtrough video below.. it will definitely help you!


  1. There are only 3 pets which are easy cleared….Problem is that you need 4 pets….
    Obviously a glitch in the game set up that makes it impossible to pass…

  2. Im still having trouble with this level after numerous attempts. I guess it all depends on how the blocks fall. I can get all the grey blocks eliminated except the very bottom row. I just cant get a line blaster into that middle row to blast them. Any tips please?

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