New Pet Rescue Episode Launched: Levels 433-447

Little Atlantis

Marvellous News, Rescuers!

Finally we have new levels! A new episode named Little Atlantis was launched a few hours ago and since that moment we are working to provide tips for all the new levels. The announcement in the Pet Rescue FB Page is as follows:

NEW EPISODE now available on Facebook! The Pets thought they could finally escape from the evil Pet Snatchers by hiding at the bottom of the ocean in “Little Atlantis”… But nothing can stop the infamous duo! They’re really plunging to new depths in this otherwise watery paradise meaning that the Pets need your help!
Grab your diving gear, and swim to their rescue –> — with Arife Tüfek and 2 others.
pet rescue levels 433-437

It took exactly 15 days for the new levels to be launched and this is the common new levels policy for Pet Rescue Saga! We are all excited and hope you feel the same.. and if you find it difficult to beat any of the new levels just click the link belows to get tips/videos/discussion on them. The bad news at the moment is that there is a bug with Level 437 so we all have to wait for King to fix it before we will be able to provide tips for the rest of the levels!

Pet Rescue Levels 433-447 Tips

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