Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
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The privacy policy was developed in order to protect your data and give you valuable info on the way they are stored and used. Occasionally, it receives upgrades which aim at protecting them more effectively.

Securing Your Personal Data guarantee that your information and communications are not revealed to third parties for advertising objectives while we are not involved in cross-marketing or link-referral programs with other websites.

Your account is shielded by password which is encrypted in our database; meanwhile, the “Forgot Password” function ensures that we cannot gain access to your password. However, in cases of posts or comments which incorporate links to third party websites with varying privacy policies, are not accountable for that and have no power on them; therefore, users are required to carefully go through the privacy policies of the web-sites they pay visit to.

Data from individuals under the age of 13 are not retained; if posting by a person of that age comes to the awareness of, all the necessary measures will be taken in order for these posts to be cleaned out and for the account to be switched off.

Gathering Data

Credit card information is not collected by Pieces of personal information which are gathered have to do only with your e-mail address, and that is to enable us send self-publishing and confirmation e-mails, offer subscription e-mail services or verify user accounts. We may also collect personal information in case you contact us, send us remarks or feedback, or publish it on our forum.

Still, in order to further ensure the safety of your personal data, you have to be careful not to post any personal information through comments. Also, note that we keep track of your IP address in our database each time you leave a comment to deal with spam issues. In addition, apart from your IP address, other standard web log entries are collected, such as page URL or timestamp, to make it possible for us to detect problems with our server, administer our site and come up with proper assistance to you.

Storing Data store your comments and forum postings in the database and save them elsewhere even after deleted. Also, web logs as well as additional records are stored indefinitely, while we offer registered users the ability to log onto their account information and update it by means of their profile.
What you should have in mind is that we are constantly doing everything in our power to ensure that your data are not obtainable by the public; nevertheless, 100% protection cannot be provided.

Saving and Displaying Posts Through Search Engines And Other Web-Sites postings are available by search engines or other web-sites which are not affiliated with us (such as, and

Video Hosting by Third Party Sites

Third party sites like YouTube retain their own privacy policy. Thus, despite the fact that we guarantee you that bad content will not appear on, it is obvious that cannot be in control of the functionality contained in the YouTube video player. That involves not only the advertisements that arise but any upcoming videos as well.

Disclosing Information

In spite of sticking to a strict safety policy, we may have to reveal some data that might be dictated by legal reasons or violation of the rights of third parties. In cases like these, we assure you that we will disclose only the pieces of information which will be regarded as absolutely necessary for the circumstances, keeping our activities always within the borders of good faith. Similarly, we might be forced to reveal information in order to protect rights and property of ours or of the general public.

About International Users

Taking into consideration the global nature of, you should keep in mind that visiting our web-site and allowing for us to have access to your data means that you accept the fact that this data could be used for the intention of communicating with you and transferring this information even outside your resident jurisdiction. Moreover, we ask you to respect the fact that this type of data might be stored on servers situated in the U.S.

Commentary and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions or remarks, feel free to share them with us at the Contact Section.



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