Toughest 5 for December 2-8

Hello Rescuers!

petrescuelevel231How was your previous week? If you ask us, it was a pretty exciting one with the advent of a mysterious new episode! The number of our visitors is constantly increasing (we had an 25% increase in the traffic of our site) and the need for support is constantly increasing!

In this point we need to make clear that PetRescueGuru has no goal but to help Pet Rescuers beat each level they are stuck on! We work hard towards this direction but our efforts are not enough! The site will be really helpful if and only if  all of you start contributing your tips/strategies in order to help other rescuers! Unfortunately this almost doesn’t happen at all till now – we have hundreds of questions/complaints etc and we try hard to answer all of them but this is just not enough.. We expect much more from you, we know you can do this! And don’t forget.. you get what you give! The more you help others on PetRescueGuru, the biggest support you’ll receive when you need it!

Let’s return to our post’s subject which is the Toughest 5, the 5 trickiest levels for the previous week (December 2-8) according to our sophisticated stats! It’s been a long time since we had no new entries in our Toughest 5 and this is what happened this week! #31 is the Toughest level of the whole Pet Rescue Saga Universe for one more week though the gap between this and no2, Level 89, is not that big anymore! Let’s have a look at the Toughest 5 along with tips/vids/discussion for each level:

  • No1: Level 31 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No2: Level 89 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No3: Level 305  (+2) – support and tips right here
  • No4: Level 206 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No5: Level 85 (-2) – support and tips right here

PS: We have no evidence that #305 is fixed yet so we suggest that you play this level on PC and then continue on iOS!

PS2: You shouldn’t expect a new episode that soon.. it usually takes at least 15 days after the launch of an episode for the next to be available!

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