Toughest 5 for December 23-29

pet rescue saga level 89
Pet Rescue Saga Level 89

Hello dear Pet Rescuers

Though in holidays we found some time to retrieve stats and announce the latest Toughest 5 (for the Week December 23-29). Apart from wishing a Happy New Year we would like to thank you for increasing your interest on PetRescueGuru, while this week we had the highest traffic since our community was launched! We really appreciate your devotion and will continue supporting you! If you want to join our team so as to help other Rescuers, like we do, don’t hesitate to send us an email at

And let’s have a quick look at the previous Week Toughest 5! Actually there were no major differences comparing to the previous week! 89 hits the top for one more week and we had no new entries! Guess these levels are at the moment a huge pain in the ass for Pet Rescuers.. hopefully they will be easier after the next update! Till then you can try the tips we share below on each of the 5 toughest levels:

  • No1: Level 89 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No2: Level 206 (+1) – support and tips right here
  • No3: Level 92  (-1) – support and tips right here
  • No4: Level 145 (+1) – support and tips right here
  • No5: Level 85 (-1) – support and tips right here



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