Toughest 5 for December 30 – January 5

pet rescue saga level 89
Pet Rescue Saga Level 89

Hello Pet Rescuers and we wish you a Happy New Year, full of heroic pet rescuing!!

We want to thank you once more for your devotion on our community. The positive feedback we receive by means of your comments gives us the strength to continue supporting you. Besides more than 50000 rescuers visited our page during the last week (an 25% increase comparing to the previous one)  and we believe we will reach the 100000 weekly visitors goal in the next month! We also want to inspire you start contributing by sharing your experience, tips and strategies for each level you pass, by dropping a 2-line comment that will definitely help other rescuers pass each level they are stuck on. It’s a matter of 1-2 minutes..

Back to the topic of this article.. it’s the first time we experience an identical Toughest 5 comparing to the previous week. We had no changes at all, which leads to the conclusion that at the moment these 5 levels (89, 206, 92, 145, 85)  are definitely the hardest for most of the Pet Rescuers. So let’s have a look at the Toughest 5 of the week along with tips/discussion/vids on these 5 levels:

  • No1: Level 89 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No2: Level 206 (+1) – support and tips right here
  • No3: Level 92  (-1) – support and tips right here
  • No4: Level 145 (+1) – support and tips right here
  • No5: Level 85 (-1) – support and tips right here

PS: Hope you enjoyed the addition of t he “Previous Level” – “Next Level” buttons (in the end of the posts, that make is much easier for  you to navigate to the next level each time you pass one.

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