Toughest 5 for December 9-15

pet rescue saga level 89
Pet Rescue Saga Level 89

Hello Rescuers

One more week and a brand new Toughest 5 which is quite different comparing to the previous week! We have a new no1! Level 89 hits the top for the very first time since this section is alive. Level 31 is no more a no1 (no5) and we have an impressive new entry on #3 (Level 92 – guess it’s because of the freezing that happens when a rocket is used on mobile devices). So here we have one of the most interesting Toughest 5s till now.. Let’s have a quick look at it along with fresh tips/discussion on each of these levels:

  • No1: Level 89 (+1) – support and tips right here
  • No2: Level 206 (+2) – support and tips right here
  • No3: Level 92  (+13) – support and tips right here
  • No4: Level 305 (-1) – support and tips right here
  • No5: Level 31 (-4) – support and tips right here

PS: Great news! A new Pet Rescue expert joined us and we will soon present extra tips & strategies for many levels, provided by her.. check levels 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 for her first tips and stay tuned for more!

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