Toughest 5 for January 13-19

pet rescue 206
Pet Rescue Level 206

Hello Rescuers

Hope you had a marvellous weekend with high rescuing achievements.

It’s been a new week which means it’s about time to present the Toughest 5 statistics for the previous week! We had only one impressive entry with Level 371 that hit no5 (it was on no37 during the previous week). The rest of the Toughest didn’t change at all. So are you ready? We have to warn you.. the levels of the Toughest 5 are really evil, you need to be very focused and take full advantage of the tips we share below:

  • No1: Level 206 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No2: Level 92 (stable) – support and tips right here
  • No3: Level 145  (+1) – support and tips right here
  • No4: Level 89 (-1) – support and tips right here
  • No5: Level 371 (+32) – support and tips right here

PS: New week, new record.. during the previous week we had 65000 visitors while the latest  record was at 57000! We need to say a huge thank to all of you! And we are glad to notice that the number of our fans that are in the mood to contribute (tips, suggestions etc) is steadily increasing!


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